Wednesday, 13 August 2008


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Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Maputo Project - Exhibition at the Habour of Catembe

Emeka Okereke recently had a grant from Culturesfrance, a French organisation, to carry out a 2-months project in Maputo (Mozambique) with the support of the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre. He describes the project as “experimental” which has to do with photography and the public space: His idea is based on the concept of exploring unusual but useful spaces as an essential part of a creative process but also addressing issues related to the existing gap between photography and the public: It supports the idea that African artists of today ought to start looking at ways of reaching(also)the indegenous public through pushing the boundries of restrictions erected by "formal spaces".

The first part of the project involves producing photographic works in the famous ferry boat (Bagamoyo) which carries passengers( indigenes, tourists and foreigners) to and fro Maputo and Catembe (a settlement in Maputo seperated from the main city by the idean ocean). He has chosen this ferry because of its has the characteristics of serving as a melting pot between all genre of individuals in Maputo, therefore making the "travessia"a common point of meeting between temporary and permanent inhabitants of Maputo. Inspired by this notion, he has captured minute moments - in black,white and gray - of objects people and activities around the harbour with Bagamoyo (the ferry) as the centre stage.

The second aspect -considered an installation -is a public-space exhibition of the of the photographic images produced at the harbour . Emeka intends to exhibit these photos at the vicinity where they were made: the habour-at the Catembe side of it. The photos are mounted along the length of the bridge with the aid of supporting poles. The prints are made on PVC and is 120 x150cm for each. There are 20 images.

Exhibition took place on friday the 18th untill sunday the 27th of JULY 2008.
The official opening was on saturday the 19th from 3.30pm in the Catembe, Maputo.

Below are some photos (and a video) of the installation. Enjoy!